PHAST X-ray powder
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PHAST X-ray powder diffraction - XRPD
Cost-effective analytical method for the characterisation of materials and powders


  • Identifying and characterising of solid pharmaceutical materials in terms of the structural order or disorder of solid APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredient) or other substances
  • Identification of existing forms of the API
    • Identification of the type of order present in the API (crystalline and/or amorphous)
    • Identifying and qualitative evaluation of chemical phases in powders
  • Observation of polymorphous changes that may happen during storage or manufacturing
  • Monitoring the quality of APIs, raw and auxiliary materials and finished products

Your benefits:

  • High-quality analytical results to evaluate crystalline or amorphous phases on the basis of predefined testing parameters (e.g. SOP, Standard Operation Procedures)

The X‘Pert3 Powder from PANalytical* provides, in conjunction with the closed PANalytical* software system XRDML*, high-quality diffraction data

  • Components of the geometrical optics:
    • Programmable divergence slit (primary beam)
    • X‘Celerator detector

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